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Program Overview

The International Vocal Artists Academy of Payerbach prides itself on attention to the individual learning objectives of each student. The program offers individual lessons with Vladimir Chernov, who focuses on musical interpretation, and with Olga Toporkova, who specializes entirely in cultivating a healthy vocal technique in her work. In addition, students will participate in a variety of group classes including acting workshops, and movement and dynamic posturology workshops; Concerts also provide a unique opportunity to sing in ensembles alongside Maestro Chernov. Please note that the specific classes may change from year to year as we welcome new faculty members to our team. 


IVAAP is formatted to be a small, but intensive training program that takes no more than 15 applicants per session. Everything about the program is geared towards providing students with highly personalized vocal, musical, and acting tools to progress as artists in a safe, family-style environment. 

Program Dates

Session 1
July 1st – July 17th

(arrive June 30th, depart July 18th)

Session 2

July 19th – August 4th

(arrive July 18th, depart August 5th)


8 Individual Lessons with Vladimir Chernov
(45 min each)

10 Individual Technical Lessons with Olga Toporkova

(45 min each)​

2 Studio Masterclasses of Performance and Musical Interpretation with Vladimir Chernov

6 Acting Workshops with Karl Absenger (Group Class)

8 Movement and Dynamic Posturology Workshops with Anne Englebert (Group Class)


Tuition: 2,650 Euros

Initial Deposit: 550 Euros
Remaining Tuition: 2,100 Euros

Please note that the initial deposit will be subtracted from the total tuition cost, is nonrefundable, and is due by May 1st.
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Local Concert in Payerbach-Reichenau (all students)

Concert in Vienna with Maestro Vladimir Chernov

(selected students)


Location and Housing

Nestled in the same life-giving woods where Schubert and the Austrian Royal Family would visit for inspiration and rejuvenation during their summers, Payerbach is the ideal location for artists to immerse themselves entirely in their craft. Away from the frenetic, demanding pace of city-life, Payerbach offers picturesque hills, crystal-clear streams, and summer street markets.


Payerbach is a quiet and safe town with traditional Austrian charm and hospitality, easily accessible by train. Participants reside a walk's distance from all lessons, surrounded by lush nature and a vibrant musical history. Housing is included in the total cost of tuition, and features recently-renovated double rooms with private bathrooms, access to a communal kitchen, practice spaces, and wireless internet. Local restaurants and a nearby grocery store are also within walking distance.

In their downtime, our singers are often found exploring the surrounding mountains, swimming in the fresh Schwarza river, or wandering through the wildflower-speckled hills. An hour and a half by train will take participants into the heart of Vienna, should they desire to venture into the city or visit the legendary Wiener Staatsoper.


This landscape has the power to open you to a whole new way of seeing life, nature, and art. The only question is whether you will let it.

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