Presence. Authenticity. Soul. Artistic Mastery.

The International Vocal Artists Academy of Payerbach (IVAAP) is an immersive program of study and performance for classical singers, where world-renowned masters of vocal technique, musical interpretation, acting, and movement help artists nourish their dreams and catalyze their potential.


IVAAP’s intensive training makes use of a concrete scheme of exercises within each artistic faculty. Vocal lessons start with breathing exercises and move on to exercises that work to achieve a singer’s maximum resonance. Movement lessons deal not only with awareness of the body, but with awareness of a performer’s psyche. Each member of the IVAAP team utilizes their own unique method of teaching that, when combined with the other’s, pushes singers to achieve their best. 


From daily private technical voice lessons, repertoire interpretation lessons and music coachings, to group acting classes, group movement, and posturology lessons, IVAAP trains the whole artist. Each session with IVAAP features two masterclasses to demonstrate individual performers’ growth, as well as two major concerts, the first in Payerbach, and the second in Vienna.


IVAAP works towards results. The techniques taught in this program work for beginners and professionals alike, serving as part of a singer’s toolbox to be used all throughout their career. This program is for people who trust that, even in a short period of time, huge progress can be achieved through daily intensive work. True IVAAP students are those who trust this process.


Founded in 2010 by opera icon Vladimir Chernov and voice professor at Paris’s l’Ecole Normale de Musique Maestra Olga Toporkova, this program was designed to create the exact conditions to allow for such technical and artistic growth to emerge.


IVAAP is an environment for committed and talented students to elevate their craft. Between total immersion into singing without outside distractions and the master teachers who share their passion and knowledge of performance art, IVAAP encourages a culture of artistic exploration, vocal advancement, and courage to achieve one’s full potential.



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Nestled in the same life-giving woods where Schubert and the Austrian Royal Family would visit for inspiration and rejuvenation during their summers, Payerbach is the ideal location for artists to immerse themselves entirely in their craft. Away from the frenetic, demanding pace of city-life, Payerbach offers picturesque hills, crystal-clear streams, and summer street markets. Participants reside a walk's distance from all lessons, surrounded by lush nature and a vibrant musical history

In their downtime, our singers are often found exploring the surrounding mountains, playing in the fresh Schwarza river, or wandering through the wildflower speckled hills.An hour and a half by train will take participants into the heart of Vienna, should they desire to venture into the city or visit the legendary Wiener Staatsoper.

This landscape has the power to open you to a whole new way of seeing life, nature, and art. The only question is whether you will let it.