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Two sessions 2022
A:July 1 - 17  
В:July 19 –  August 4 

Two and a half weeks of training could change your life!

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Two and a half weeks of intensive training for a lifetime of irreplaceable tools - IVAAP works towards results.

The International Vocal Artists Academy of Payerbach (IVAAP) is an immersive program of study and performance for classical singers.

IVAAP trains the whole artist with daily private technical voice lessons, repertoire interpretation and music coachings, group acting classes, group movement, and posturology lessons

IVAAP encourages a culture of artistic exploration, vocal advancement, and courage to achieve one’s full potential.

Every instructor is a world-renowned expert in their field, dedicated to unearthing the unique gifts of each performer.

We give all that we are  to encourage you to become the fullest version of your artistic self. 

Each session with IVAAP features two masterclasses to demonstrate individual performers’ growth, as well as two major concerts, the first in Payerbach, and the second in Vienna

8 Individual Voice  lessons (45 min.private)-  Olga Toporkova  


8 Musical Interpretation Lessons with pianist  -  Vladimir Chernov 

7 Acting Workshops   (each for 2h. group) Nicholas Fortin

Individual Acting  lessons (each 60min private)

8 Movement and Dynamic Posturology Workshops - (each for 3h. group) Anne  Englebert


2 Diction lesson: Italian,  German (45min private)

2 Masterclasses of Performance and Musical Interpretation with Maestro Vladimir Chernov


2 Final Performance  Opportunites: 

Firs Concert in Pyerbach Reichenau (for all students) 

 Second Concert in Vienna with Maestro Vladimir Chernov (selected students)

Total tuition (housing included)                   2650 Euros

Deposit                                                               550   Euros 

Remaining  tuition                                           2100 Euros


Session A:   July 1 - July 17                   (arrive June 30, depart  July 18) 

Session B:   July 19 - August 4             (arrive July 18, depart August 5)

Our Alumni


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Tatiana Mills

I have attended IVAAP every year for the past three years, and each year I gain something new, vocally, artistically, spiritually, and personally.

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Igor Mostovoi

IVAA in Payerbach is a life changing experience for many people including myself. You wouldn't find a better place to meet wonderful people who are real professionals at what they are doing.

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Diane Foures

All in all, if you are looking for an ambitious program that combines the benefits of fresh air, personal growth and artistic accomplishment, then this program is for you!