What We're About

What if you were given the tools that could actually move you forward in your career as a singer? What if two and a half weeks of training could change your life? In 2010, Olga Toporkova designed  ideal summer study program to do just that.

The bel canto method of daily vocal instruction, which has nearly all but disappeared from western vocal institutions, is alive and well in Payerbach. From private technical voice lessons on a daily basis, individual repertoire interpretation lessons, individual musical coachings with an art song specialist to group acting classes and group movement and posturology lessons, we train the whole artist. Every instructor is a world-renowned expert in their field, dedicated to unearthing the unique gifts of each performer.

Payerbach, Austria, is an Alpine escape that many Viennese still vacation to. Away from the frenetic, demanding pace of city-life, Payerbach offers picturesque hills, crystal-clear streams, and summer street markets. Participants reside a walk's distance from all lessons, surrounded by lush nature and a vibrant musical history. An hour and a half by train will take participants into the heart of Vienna, should they desire to venture into the city or visit the legendary Wiener Staatsoper (pictured above).


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