Support the future of opera

Since 2011, IVAAP has become a renowned vocal training institution for professional and emerging artists.  Singers travel from all over the world to work in a unique and exceptional environment which allows them to intensely focus on authentic, and profound development of their craft.  The location and caliber of instruction and faculty members is crucial to the results obtained by each individual student. It allows them to be completely immersed and focused on their personal training and growth.  However, the program is financed purely by participant tuition.  Program costs, transportation, and living expenses can be a very heavy burden for an artist to accommodate solely on their own, even with the assistance of family and friends.  



With your support, we can continue to guide the most inspiring artists of tomorrow and strengthen the future of opera and music.  In today's world there are so few resources that give singers the time needed to blossom and develop into their full potential. You can play a direct role in assuring this vision is achieved for the voices of our generation and those to come.

What your support means...


  • Sponsor a young artist

  • Cover transportation expenses

  • Cover living accommodation


All donations go directly to participant scholarships.


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