The IVAAP Difference

From working professionals to students in the early stages of study, artists come to Payerbach with varying levels of experience. Their differences are irrelevant because our belief is that the individual journey requires a desire and openness to work together to find fulfilling and transcendent artistic expression. 


Because IVAAP is an international program, many attendees do not speak the same language. When you participate in an exercise of trust, this barrier melts away, even before meeting someone formally. This kind of vulnerability and honesty is disarming and starts participants on the road to making memorable relationships and fully developing themselves as artists.


It is widely understood that the voice requires daily guidance in order to develop a sustainable technique. Our daily lessons encourage exponential growth, not only because of their frequency but because of the quality of the work. The instructors are devoted to the participants as a parent is to a child because we believe they are the next generation of this glorious tradition.


When you attend IVAAP, you become a part of our family. We expect you to be open and to try, and we will do the same. We give all that we are in order to encourage you to become the fullest version of your artistic self. 


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